2018: Pinta Miami Main Section – Feira de Arte internacional de 12/06 to 12/09/2018

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    The construction of the new Brazilian capital, Brasilia, in the early 1960s, presents to the world the peculiarities of a tropical modernism that combines rationality and constructive methodology with formal concepts and elements of baroque origin in dialogue with romantic, symbolist and even surrealistic . The group of selected artists – Amélia Toledo, Anna Bella Geiger, Arthur Luiz Piza, Marcos Coelho Benjamim and Sérvulo Esmeraldo – synthesizes this Brazilian experience that, even today, conducts most of the aesthetic actions that characterize the art of our country. Taking advantage of various media and materials, these artists laid the foundations for a contemporary artistic discourse based on multiculturalism and the sensitive and intelligent articulation of popular and traditional elements with sophisticated technology and conceptual refinement. Bringing them together in the same physical space makes it possible to understand several reference aspects of contemporary artistic production in Brazil.

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